Crystal Breaux

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Helping Women Get Fit Inside and Out
Psalms 26:2
(the Message)

As a Christian Wellness and Life Purpose Coach, I want to help you discover TIME to get healthy, grow in Christ and fulfill your unique God given purpose.

Do you feel:

...It is a struggle to find time to exercise, eat healthy and be fit

...Overwhelmed with meal planning and food has become more of an emotional release

...You are always busy, yet never get anything accomplished

...Tired and insecure by trying to follow what the world says you should do to be fit

...A desire to do something for the Lord, but not sure of your purpose in life

...Perfection can keep you from having peace about your body and calling in life


...Knowing how to consistently eat healthy and exercise as a way to Honor God, no matter how busy life gets

...Knowing how to manage your emotions in a healthy way with the ability to prepare quick healthy meals at home

...Being able to manage your time, focus on your health and the purpose God has for your life

...Being Confident as a woman in Christ on the inside and out

...Living out your God given purpose and honoring Him with your body, time and work

...Letting go of perfection and expectations that have kept you stuck from living a healthy life of peace and contentment

As a contributing author, I write for IN Magazine and Created Woman magazine.
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