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A Personalized Faith, Fitness and Food Design for the Christian Busy Woman

As a Christian Fitness and Wellness Coach, I will help you design your program to be "FIT" physically and mentally and
grow stronger in your Faith, even with a busy life!

Do you feel:

...Lost and confused about healthy eating and exercise with no time to figure it out

... Overwhelmed with planning and preparing food and/or eating has become an emotional release

…tired and insecure by trying to follow what the world says you should do to be fit

… always busy, yet never get anything accomplished

…Your walk with the Lord could be stronger if you knew how to find the time to spend in His word


Knowing how to consistently eat healthy and exercise as a way to Honor God, no matter how busy life gets

Managing your emotions in a healthy way with the ability to prepare quick healthy meals at home

Being confident as a woman in Christ and in your choices to be healthy

Being able to manage your time, focus on your health and what God is calling you to do

Growing in your faith by knowing how and when to spend daily quiet time in God’s word

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As a contributing author, I write for IN Magazine, Created Woman and Lumberton Life magazine.
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